So a lot of people have asked about why I did a collection solely focused on the "eye". For me the concept and symbolism behind the eye is second nature. I grew up in a very traditional Middle Eastern household, there wasn't a room you walked into that didn't have an eye pinned to the wall. 

In my family and my culture, getting "evil eyes" thrown your way is a real thing. Like very real. and I'm not going to lie, my mom has used the excuse "oh someone is evil-eyeing you" to explain a random patch of zits or something. I'm sure most people who are familiar with the eye and the culture behind it also have cousins, moms, grandmas, aunts, etc. who use "evil-eyeing" as a verb...*inserts teeth showing emoji*...

BUT, with all of that said, that was NOT why I decided to do a collection focused on the eye. I am very into ancient cultures and the symbols associated with them. You can almost always catch me wearing a piece of symbolic jewelry, whether it be an eye, or an ankh, the head bust of a goddess, the stars planets and moon, religious figures, etc. etc... and to clear up any "illuminati" talk, I don't personally associate the eye with it #personalPSA.

When I moved to Los Angeles I started to explore the more intricate aspects of spirituality and how to become more in tune with myself and what I already knew but had yet to realize --- the symbolic eye, the one you can't physically see, your "third eye", your higher self, your personal google, the key to all of life's puzzling questions - that is where my collection came from, a blend of what I knew growing up and even more what I have learned during my growing up process. I'd be walking around the universe blind without THE eye. Singular.  

So long blog post short, this collection and my heavy use of the eye represents POSITIVITY and KNOWLEDGE, something I hope anyone who wears a piece from me will find.