Notes from the Universe

✨So I have been getting emails from the “Universe” for like a decade now and every so often the messages speak to me as if the Universe really was out here trying to help me out with some notes of guidance. This week has been exceptional in that regard. I guess I needed it more than usual? You can subscribe to them here if you want some of that universal love.✨

***Fuzzy pixelation probs brought to you by the desire to create a screenshotted collage***

***Fuzzy pixelation probs brought to you by the desire to create a screenshotted collage***


Memories from back home...

These nose rings are a common accessory from the area my mom and her family are from in Kurdistan. My grandpa drew a portrait from memory of his mom for me once and she was wearing one of these. He said the nose ring I was wearing at the time reminded him of her and the one she would wear ✨.



ZER yanni GOLD

Some more work with my fave Ruben Ramos featuring the every synonym for gorgeous beautiful dreamy, Gabriela Có.


Evil Eye Space Princess




One of my favorite shoots ever ever, INES did a really amazing job creating a concept and editing style that really embodies my brand with the colors and the obvious maximalism (my favorite hehe). Topped off with Ruben Ramos master photographer skills. Grateful for their creativity.



Wishing all who observe and celebrate a springtime New Year,

Newroztan Piroz // Nowruz Mubarak // Happy New Year.

A Newroz inspired shoot with Jiyan, your LOCALBROWNBABY.

I'm Leaving...

On a jet 

So I have been having massive anxiety over having to leave my little shop for a month. A MONTH. I mean, I could not be more excited to embark on this trip, which I know will fill me with so much inspiration and new ideas...and I can't lie, I am looking forward to shutting down from Los Angeles for a few weeks and refocusing/recentering/refreshing (RE RE RE).

But back to my shop --- being a one woman show in my studio (I wish I could be in two places at once but since we haven't evolved into that yet), I will not be able to create/ship any pieces that are ordered between June 23-August 10 (insert screaming emoji). TO MAKE UP FOR THIS, I will be putting an extra goodie in every order placed between those dates. If you guys have any inquiries/questions/concerns feel free to email me or message me on the gram.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me with kind words/purchasing my work/just being you. It means so much to me and fills me with so much gratitude and happiness. I wish all of you the best summer ever and I hope its fun/productive/exactly what you want and need it to be. 

Sending lots of LOVE AND LIGHT,




I recently did a little interview with 1530 Main, an online publication by the Joule Hotel, in my hometown of Dallas. It's always a great feeling getting any kind of love but there's something about getting love from where you grew up.

“My mom had an eye of protection on almost every wall of our house, so I have always seen the eye as a positive energy, helping to ward off any negativity that surrounds us,” she says. “My Kurdish background plays a huge role in everything I do and aspire to do. Who would I be without the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors? Not me."

Check out the rest of the write-up HERE and shout out to the city that made me---DALLAS TEXAS, hehe.




*photos by JI LA ZAND here & here and FABIAN GUERRERO here*

Ill Muslims presents LE SOUK

When you have been slacking on updating the blog... so much has been going on during these last few months of 2016, both in my personal life (great) and on a world wide scale (terrifying). It's so easy to get caught up and feel helpless in times like these, but luckily I'm surrounded by so many positive souls, who remind me that continuing to create is a way to make the world a better place. I send love and light to everyone out there, EVERYONE. 

I'm also excited to announce that I will be part of the Ill Muslims event Le Souk next Saturday, December 10th. I will be selling a lot of my pieces that are on the site as well some new 'tings. This event will also include so many other artists, designers, all around creators so I know it's going to be a good one! If you are in the Los Angeles area you should definitely try and come out. Tickets are being sold on HERE for 10$. Come out, have fun, show support and best of all be around some inspiring energy. And if you come make sure to say hiiiii!!!!!! 



Golden Lira

My grandfather bought my grandmother a piece of gold and decades and lifetimes later it reemerged. She broke off the coins from it and gave one to each of her grandkids, which inspired me to start using these Middle Eastern/Arabic "Lira" coins in a lot of my current pieces. I am currently playing favorites and obsessing hard over these. 

**Vintage ruby red glass stones from the '60s and faux gold coins I found in a Kurdish bazaar.** 



Jin Jiyan Azadi...

...translates to "women life freedom". I have so much respect and love for Kurdish women, from my grandmother to my mother to my aunts and sisters to the freedom fighters holding it down for humanity on the front lines. 

I came across Sonja Hamad's photo series of the female Kurdish freedom fighters in Sinjar, this weekend, and I have not been able to stop staring at the photos. They're beautiful, they're haunting, they're capable of making you stop and wonder if you're doing your part to help humanity. And in comparison, not nearly enough...

Much love and respect for my fellow Kurds, our struggles and what feels like a never-ending battle will not be in vain. Thank you to ALL of the soldiers, organizations and leaders trying to keep what we've held for so long safe and for risking their lives for us. HAR BIJI KURD. 



Late Nights

Personal fact about me, I prefer to stay in and sit at my dining room table and opposed to doing anything else. Lol.

A few nights ago I got home from my sister's place and started playing with different fabrics and gems and charms and made my new favorite earrings. They are inspired by my favorite favorite favorite Egyptian Goddess, Isis. To me she embodies everything that is important in my eyes --- love, magic, motherhood, and an otherworldly feminine power. 

Check them out on the shop HERE.




& dripped out...'tis the season to pack on the gems and jewels. Holla at the body chain

P.S. did summer happen on the low low or what!?!??



Greasy Lids

I'm not a big makeup person, I never have been...but, I do like to play with products that make me look like I haven't played with any products. My current favorite, can't walk out of the door without putting a little (or a lot) on is MILK Makeup's "Eye Vinyl". I've been into the greasy lids look for a minute but I had been using a rosebud salve, which did the trick but I found that if it got into or near my eyes it would itch......... 

I ended up buying both shades. It comes in nude and black. Personally, I prefer nude for everyday but the black is fun for a night look, or layered - nude as a base and the black as a thick top liner.

And so far, so not irritating on the eyes. 




So a lot of people have asked about why I did a collection solely focused on the "eye". For me the concept and symbolism behind the eye is second nature. I grew up in a very traditional Middle Eastern household, there wasn't a room you walked into that didn't have an eye pinned to the wall. 

In my family and my culture, getting "evil eyes" thrown your way is a real thing. Like very real. and I'm not going to lie, my mom has used the excuse "oh someone is evil-eyeing you" to explain a random patch of zits or something. I'm sure most people who are familiar with the eye and the culture behind it also have cousins, moms, grandmas, aunts, etc. who use "evil-eyeing" as a verb...*inserts teeth showing emoji*...

BUT, with all of that said, that was NOT why I decided to do a collection focused on the eye. I am very into ancient cultures and the symbols associated with them. You can almost always catch me wearing a piece of symbolic jewelry, whether it be an eye, or an ankh, the head bust of a goddess, the stars planets and moon, religious figures, etc. etc... and to clear up any "illuminati" talk, I don't personally associate the eye with it #personalPSA.

When I moved to Los Angeles I started to explore the more intricate aspects of spirituality and how to become more in tune with myself and what I already knew but had yet to realize --- the symbolic eye, the one you can't physically see, your "third eye", your higher self, your personal google, the key to all of life's puzzling questions - that is where my collection came from, a blend of what I knew growing up and even more what I have learned during my growing up process. I'd be walking around the universe blind without THE eye. Singular.  

So long blog post short, this collection and my heavy use of the eye represents POSITIVITY and KNOWLEDGE, something I hope anyone who wears a piece from me will find.