I moved to Los Angeles nearly four years ago from my forever in my heart home, Dallas, Texas, looking for a new creative atmosphere to grow and thrive in. After the trials and tribulations that come from leaving a place you’ve spent your entire life growing in, I found myself revisiting an age old idea I had of designing jewelry. As a child, no matter what I was wearing or where I was going I always had to top it off with a piece of jewelry. Looking back at baby pictures of myself, I find a necklace around my neck, bangles on my wrists, or earrings hanging from my lobes. Being born and raised in the United States, my parents always made it a point to stay culturally aligned with our Kurdish roots, and so with this collection and hopefully any to come after, the roots of my motherland and the home of my soul’s land are my main inspirations. 

The Collection

Jewelry has always been a staple in my daily style so having my own collection now is such a surreal concept. This first collection is heavily (hehe obvi) inspired by the EYE. Growing up in a traditional Kurdish household, the symbolism behind the eye has been something I’ve been familiar with since I can remember. To me, the eye is a form of protection from the negative eyes that may look your way, on top of any hate/shade/bad vibes thrown in your direction. The symbolic eye protects you from what your own two eyes may not see on their own. But above all else, the eye is a positive reminder to trust yourself, to always have faith in your own intuition and to let your higher self guide you towards your destiny.

love & light,